Online dog training is fast becoming a trend in the country, and majority of dog owners are leaning towards using this technique to train their dogs. It is a convenient service that allows you to train your dog in the comfort of your home, and gives you control over your schedule.

Dog training is not always an easy task, and it can be stressful if you have a schedule to follow to bring your dog to the dog training facility. Camp Good Stay offers online classes so you and your dog can get the help you need without sacrificing the time it takes to travel to and from the training facility. We also offer online classes for those of you that don't live locally that would like to attend a class and can't travel that far.

Dog training classes are done using Zoom a video conferencing service. The online classes follow the same curriculum as our in-person classes. Upon the completion of a 6-week class series you will receive a certificate of completion by email for the level you completed. We offer 4 levels of training and you can learn about each level by clicking HERE.

Never used Zoom before or need a refresher we got you covered.

How to join a Zoom meeting as a participant for your online dog class or assessment

If you are planning to use a PC or Mac click HERE for a how to tutorial.

If you are planning to use a tablet or phone click HERE for a how to tutorial.

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