Recap of the 2018 Episodes

Throughout this year, we’ve been following Captain Jack’s adventures as he found his way through challenge after challenge in finding a new life, new friends, and a new family. We learned about perseverance, self-discipline, and honesty; the value of a sense of humor; courage, gratitude, and loyalty; cooperation; respect; responsibility; citizenship; and the gift of giving and caring. In the coming year, we’ll continue Captain Jack’s adventures as he matures and decides to find out about his original family and where he came from. Captain Jack adapted well to being an orphan. But in his heart he had a longing to find his mother and any other family members, if he could.

In the coming year, we will follow Captain Jack’s adventures as he travels. Sometimes he’ll go to new places, and sometimes he’ll go to places he’s already visited. Will Captain Jack find his mother and family in 2019? We invite you to continue the adventure-filled journey with Captain Jack’s adventures to find out.

Before moving forward in 2019, let’s take a look back at what happened in 2018. In the January episode, we met Captain Jack in a black box during a storm. In the February episode after he survived a terrible storm, he made some new friends named Penelope and Allen. Those children found him and helped him. The March and April episodes brought new friends who helped all of them, and the police who proved to be kind. The big black-and-brown dog he met in April challenged him to be brave and courageous and became a good friend to him. He reminisced about his mom and siblings and warm memories of his past. Captain Jack missed them greatly. That made him even more determined to search for them in the future. In the May and June episodes, his humans became a family and he was part of that family. He was very thankful for his new friends and family.

Half a year had passed. Captain Jack and his new family made more new friends at the beach. He had a close call with death thanks to jellyfish, but we found out in the July episode that he survived at the beach. He also became good friends with the big black-and-brown dog and gained newfound respect for him. Captain Jack learned the value of respecting people’s and dogs’ personal space and of not judging others in that July episode. The rest of the year brought more adventures at the beach, meeting a cat, and learning to be responsible, the value of generosity, and the results of your actions. In the October episode, Captain Jack found a way to get help from humans who saved the life of an older dog that was in physical distress on the beach.

The year closed with moments of nostalgia. Captain Jack knew in his heart he needed to make a plan in order to find his mother and siblings. He decided that enlisting Penelope and Allen’s help was his best chance at this and set out to come up with ideas to encourage them to help. He began to remember landmarks and certain details about where he had last seen his mother and siblings and began there.

In 2019, we will retrace and follow steps Captain Jack will take in order to reunite his family. We’ll also learn about states and cities in America. Hopefully you will join Captain Jack as he continues his adventure to be reunited with his family.

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