Whether you are traveling for work, venturing off to a weekend getaway, or unleashing yourself on a well-deserved vacation, do not stress because you cannot take your dog with you. Bring your dog to Camp Good Stay and allow your dog a home away from home experience where he or she will be welcomed as one of the family while you're away. We offer safe, fun, and trustworthy overnight dog boarding filled with adventure that will guarantee a happy tail.

The Campground Amenities
  • The cabins (your dog's individual room for rest and bedtime) that are 5x7 or 8x6 in size. Each cabin has a raised bed with a fluffy blanket, round the clock fresh water, a size appropriate chew and camp songs played at a low volume to promote relaxation during rest time.
  • Comfy seating for cuddles during fireside movie time.
  • Play area with artificial turf, and a variety of toys, where they can "unleash" their energy.
  • At bedtime, each camper will receive a goodnight kiss and a camp treat before they are tucked into their sleeping bags for the night. Cabin time always comes with a source of positive reinforcement with treats, and loving interaction so it is a relaxing place to rest.
The Campground is protected by a 24-hour monitored closed-circuit camera security system. All camper accommodations thermostatically controlled so that each camper is cozy and comfortable.

Camp Grub

During mealtime, the campers will dine in their individual cabins to prevent any access to other camper's food or food aggression between campers, then returned to regular camp activity. All Campers eat twice a day with a midday snack.

The Great Outdoors

Campers can take a nature walk, play fetch, sunbathe, or just take in all the smells of nature while staying safe in a large fenced in area. Campers will also get the opportunity to engage in camp activities like bubble blowers, lap time, tag with other campers, hide and seek or water fun. All supervised by a camp counselor. All campers will have a minimum of 4 visits to the fenced in outdoor area with a camp counselor every day.


Improves and enhances your dog's mental state using a range of activities designed to challenge and exercise their brains. These activities encourage your dog to problem solve, learn new skills and become more confident. Most importantly, they love it! Your dog's midday snack is used to encourage your dog to engage in one of our camp enrichment games.

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